Centenary Incense

The incense is made of a paste consisting of the powders of dried flower petals, sweet smelling herbs and woods, spices, resins, some charcoal which is an excellent burning material and perfumes based on Natural Essential Oils. All these ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste. The paste is then rolled by hand around bamboo sticks and left to dry. After drying the rolled sticks are selected, trimmed and perfumed.
In case of "Masala" varieties such as Sandalwood and Frankincense the perfumes and essential oils are mixed in the paste itself and no further perfuming is needed.
Centenary Incense by Auroshikha is a family of PREMIUM QUALITY fragrances. The greater concentration of pure essences in Centenary Incense produces fragrances that are the best anywhere and are the reason Auroshikha has become a favourite the world over.
Greatest care is taken to select the best and purest ingredients to ensure a very high quality of products that are wholly in conformity with IFRA (International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland).

Confidence : A spicy oriental blend, this contains resinoid olibanum, lavender oil, patchouli and a trace of clove oil.

Shiva's Triumph : A warm spicy fragrance, this contains patchouli, absolute of oakmoss, petit grain and clarysage.

Light Sandal : Exclusively made from pure sandalwood powder from the heart of the sandalwood tree and precious sandalwood oil, this fragrance is truly unique.

Durga Rose : The sweet smell of roses is created using the absolute of rose, clove oil and geranium bourbon.

Lotus D’or: This fragrance recreates the sweet floral odour of lotus flowers and contains the natural essential oils of gaiac wood, geranium and citronella

Spring Blossom : This delicate perfume contains jasmine oil, rose oil and gaiacwood oil.